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Award winning... Colorado River, Glen Canyon and cowboy history folksinger, author, photographer, videographer and wilderness activist, adventurer, friend... These are all words that may describe aspects of this woman, but they do not begin to define who she is.

"Katie Lee speaks for the canyons and the sweet desert recesses. She is our foul-mouthed, lightning-eyed, boot-stomping balladeer, a character Louis L'Amour never could have invented. Born from the rock itself, she is a lifetime of experience on this wild, restless, cradling ground. If you want to know this place, you need to know Katie," - Craig Childs, The Apocalyptic Planet, The Secret Knowledge of Water, etc.)

"Kickass Katie Lee"

from Seventh Art Releasing

Kickass Katie Lee from Seventh Art Releasing on Vimeo.

Cussing like the cowboys she learned from, "Kickass Katie Lee" celebrates 97 year-old singer, songwriter, actress, and activist, Katie Lee. After abandoning a Hollywood career, she immersed herself in her true passion: floating, exploring, and singing on the Colorado River. When the idea of damming Glen Canyon was first floated, she opposed it. She is, and will always be, Glen Canyon Dam's eternal, immutable warrior and foe. At 59, back-packing around the world, Katie met Joey. Since then he's supported her every day, in every way. With humor, anger, and passion, "Kickass Katie Lee" skims highlights of a life well-lived.

Produced and directed by Beth and George Gage.


Katie Lee to be inducted in to the River Runners Hall of Fame
Exhibition September 30 - October 1,2016

John Wesley Powell website

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River Runners Hall of Fame

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Katie at 2016 Mountainfilm Festival
Peter McLaughlin, Tim Weidenkelller & Katie Lee perform an original song written by Peter for Katie after a showing of the film "Kick Ass Katie Lee" produced by Gage and Gage Productions at the 2016 Mountainfilm Festival.

Katie Lee brings a long-lost artifact back to the Hopi
Iconic Western author journeys with a tribe's spiritual talisman

Hopi Chamachia

"It all began on a mild September day in 1968 when I stopped to visit my old friend Slim Williams, then living in his house trailer at Fry Canyon, Utah. He'd never owned a telephone in all the years I'd known him. I'd show up and we'd go hiking or jeeping, looking for old trails, hunting up mine roads, or just relaxing in the trailer."...

Read the entire article in High Country News HERE

2014: Milestones

Katie Lee is featured in two major film documentaries - DamNation and Wrenched; she received Mountain Film Festival's Director's Award, and published a new book - The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing. A special edition of black and white art photographs features Katie's 37-year old nude body in Glen Canyon.

Grande Dame of Dam Busting

Katie is the heart of the award-winning film DamNation, which features how dam removal has moved into mainstream conversations. "The Glen Canyon scene is literally the best of the entire film and often brings people to tears," Beda Calhoun, Associate Producer. Interview with Katie at DamNation website.

Katie is featured in Wrenched - a documentary about the community of activists that were inspired by the work of Edward Abbey, who wrote so eloquently about preserving the lonesome and beautiful places of the Southwest. Wrenched-themovie website

Katie Lee's Newest Work...

Dandy Crossing

The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing

Katie Lee's newest book is a love story that takes place at one of the famous places that was drowned by Lake Powell and the characters whose lives would irrevocably change. The book is a triple love story: an affair between Katie and the cowboy/miner; the characters that lived in Dandy Crossing (a ferry crossing on the old Colorado River between Hite village and White Canyon village, about three miles downstream from what is now Hite Marina); and the beauty of Glen Canyon.

Now available in Katie's Store (Click Here)

Review Clips

Katie Lee receives Telluride's 2014 Mountainfilm Festival Director's Award

"The [main] reason I chose you is because you are such a badass. Your clear and steadfast resoluteness in speaking out about what you see as environmental injustices is a well-needed tonic for our times but also a real and true inspiration for the many young folk who will need to do the same if we are ever going to turn the tide of the madness." - David Holbrooke, Director (link to full article)

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