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BOOKS BY KATIE LEE: (Autographed)
10,000 Goddam Cattle

Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle - A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story & Verse - With annotated music (guitar chords), chapter notes, glossary, bibliography and index. First published in 1976, the book is now available from the University of New Mexico Press

While Katie was touring the country as a folk singer, she interviewed cowboy songwriters and researched the roots of traditional cowboy songs. She wrote what has become a classic. "Cowboys taught me more than songs. From them I learned to ride, shoot, hunt, spit ten feet into a stiff wind, to cuss, to live in and love the outdoors, to hate fences and respect rivers. They taught me how to drink whiskey and sing, or, if I wanted to sing real good, to drink whiskey and sing - in that order." (Katie Lee from her introduction to the book.

"A beautiful job, exact, comprehensive and witty. Should remain a basic history of the subject for many year to come." - Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire, The Monkey Wrench Gang, et al

$30.00 - Postpaid and autographed by Katie

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]

Two chapters from this book have been adapted for Katie's award winning DVD, The Last Wagon, which is also available HERE.

Glen Canyon Betrayed

Glen Canyon Betrayed - A Sensuous Elegy - Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams. A new edition of 0All My Rivers Are Gone, with new cover, additional photos, index and Afterword. (Fretwater Press, 2006)

The first of a trilogy on Glen Canyon. This one celebrates the beauty of the Glen and the magical trips down river that Katie took with photographer Tad Nichols and river guide Frank Wright - what Katie called the 'we three trips'. "Katie Lee has given us an elegiac song of Glen Canyon... In so many ways, this is a woman who embodies the power and tenacious beauty of the Colorado Plateau. Her spitfire intelligence and redrock resolve provides us with an individual conscience that we would do well to adopt. Katie Lee is a joyful raconteur, a woman with grit, grace and humor. She is not afraid to laugh and tease, cajole and flirt, cuss, rant, howl, sing and cry. Katie Lee is the desert's lover. Her voice is a torch in the wilderness." - from the foreword by Terry Tempest Williams.

BONUS!! Order this book and receive a FREE copy of Glen Canyon River Journeys (an $20.00 value!)

$30.00 - Postpaid and autographed by Katie

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]
Sandstone Seduction

Sandstone Seduction - Rivers and Lovers, Canyons and Friends - Foreword by Ellen Meloy (Johnson Books, 2004)

This collection features stories about Katie Lee growing up in the laid back town of Tucson with her cowboy buddies and Mexican border friends; life as a Hollywood actress, wilderness river guide and explorer; and adventures in Baja California, Mexico, Glen Canyon, Alaska, and Jerome, Arizona. "She's been listening to the water and absorbing its lessons for more than fifty years. She writes with fists to the wall and flesh to that river-cut slickrock... She remembers what it was like to live and breathe before we were entombed in plastic and concrete, greed and speed. [Her book] is rock-hard true to the harsh land and sun-bitten people of the Southwest" - from the foreword by Ellen Meloy.

$30.00 - Postpaid and autographed by Katie

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]

Ghosts of Dandy Crossing

The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing (Dream Garden Press, 2014)

In this book, the last of a trilogy about the lost Eden in Glen Canyon, Katie describes the people that lived at Dandy Crossing (Dandy Crossing (a ferry crossing on the old Colorado River between Hite Village and White Canyon, about three miles downstream from what is now Hite Marina) and her relationships with them. The filling of Reservoir Powell is about to irrevocably change their lives. The book is a triple love story: Katie's love of the beauty of Glen Canyon, her affair with a cowboy miner, and her love of the characters that once lived there.

$30.00 - postpaid and autographed by author

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]

10,000 Goddam Cattle

Ballad Of Gutless Ditch - (Katydid Books and Music, 2010)

Katie's free-verse Western adventure is set in Gutless Ditch, a Western mining town of the late 1800's. It stars the handsome lawyer Matt Kinkade; Potrero, Matt's ornery black stallion; Danielle, the petite schoolmarm who captivates Matt with charm and beauty, only to suddenly disappear; and "Mat-a-low," a child with big round eyes who magically appears nine years later in a bewitching glade outside of town. There are as many provocative and captivating twists through love, lust, betrayal and redemption as the sinuous canyons of the great Southwest canyons that Katie has explored and written so evocatively about. Its inspired mystical ending is as unexpected as it is entrancing.

Robin Anderson, nationally renowned artist from Jerome, Arizona, has illustrated the book with twelve remarkable etchings.

The Ballad of Gutless Ditch is a very finely designed, limited edition of 500, numbered and signed by author and illustrator. Once the edition is sold out, no other editions will be published.

$55.00 - Postpaid and autographed by Katie Lee and by Robin Anderson

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]

SPECIAL NOTICE for previous orders - If you ordered this book at the original price, you are entitled to a FREE copy of the audio version!
You must let us know if you are interested in this offer by sending us an email.

Love Song To Glen Canyon

The Last Wagon - (DVD)
Produced by Katie Lee - Katydid Books & Music

Two of the best known and loved songs of the Old West sung by the cowboys who wrote them, along with their stories of how and why they did so. Gail Gardner wrote "The Sierry Petes" (Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail) and Billy Simon composed the music for Charles Badger Clark's famous poem, "The Border Affair" (Spanish is the Loving Tongue). Few who sing it know where the melody came from!

Gail and Bill were in their 80's when Western musicologist and folksinger, Katie Lee, filmed them in Prescott, Arizona at Simon's Horse Camp and in the old house where Gail was born. She drew out their anecdotes, humor and philosophies and their sense of place in a West long vanished.

The film received a Golden Eagle Award from the Council of International Nontheatrical Events (CINE) and was chosen to represent the USA in international motion picture events. It is adapted from two chapters if Katie's book Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle; is written, directed and narrated by Katie Lee; photographed and edited by Harry Atwood; and produced at the TV Bureau, University of Arizona.

"A heartwarming tribute complete with authentic dialogue and the sounds of thundering hoofbeats, bawling cattle and creaking windmills. Katie Lee, a legend herself, has done a masterful job" - liner notes, Jim Bob Tinsley

$30.00 - Postpaid

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Love Song To Glen Canyon

Love Song To Glen Canyon - Images, Words & Song - (DVD)
- Katydid Books & Music, 2007

Images, words, songs and photographs about my ten-year exploration of a canyon now drowned beneath Powell Reservoir. Glen Canyon was an Eden unequalled anywhere on earth. The lesson to not let this happen to your Eden, wherever it may be is the driving force behind this collection of 145 rarely seen photos.

Discover why Pulitzer Prize author Wallace Stegner called the canyon, "The most serenely beautiful of all the canyons of the Colorado River. And why Sierra Clllub founder, David Brower, called the drowning of this national treasure, " America's most regretted environmental mistake."

$30.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]


Couch and Consultation

Songs of Couch and Consultation - (CD)
- Katydid Books and Music

Combines three of Katie Lee's earliest albums into one: Spicy Songs for Cool Knights, a folk album, Songs of Couch and Consultation and Bed of Neuroses, the latter two song spoofs of psychobabble.

Songs of Couch and Consultations - Song titles
1. Shrinker Man
2. The Will To Fail
3. The Guilty Rag
4. Stay As Sick As You Are
5. Hush Little Sibling
6. Real Sick Sounds
7. Repressed Hostility Blues
8. I Can't Get Adjusted To The You Who Got Adjusted To Me
9. Schizophrenic Moon
10. Properly Loved
11. Gunslinger (A Ballad For Adult Westerns)
12. It Must Be Something Psychological
13. Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses
14. Case History ('A' Loves 'B' Loves 'C')
15. Why Johnny Why
16. Love That Man
17. Mental Blocks
18. Be Miserable
19. The Ballad For Group Therapy
20. We Must Adjust
21. The Insecure Tango
22. Don'tville
23. When I Was A Little Girl
24. The Get Well March
25. My Mother Chose My Husband
26. (Little Willie Found Some Dynamite)
27. Poor Miss Bailey
28. (Little Willie And The Cat)
29. The House Of The Rising Sun
30. Blow The Candles Out
31. Lotsa Money
32. (Little Willie In The Well)
33. The Frozen Logger
34. (Little Willie's Sister Ruth)
35. Woman, Go Home

Here are 8 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)

"Songs Of Couch And Consultation"
"Life Is Just A Bed Of Neurosis"

Shrinker Man

Life Is Just A Bed Of Neurosis

I Can't Get Adjusted To The You Who Got Adjusted To Me

The Ballad For Group Therapy


Be Miserable
"Spicy Songs For Cool Knights"

House Of The Rising Sun

Poor Miss Bailey

$25.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]

Love's LIttle Sister

- Katydid Books & Records - 1975

A recording of a 45 minute concert show Katie was doing of many great songs about the early American 'ladies of the night', including two famous folk blues, "The House of the Rising Sun" and "Sisters of the Cross of Shame." Some composers, other then herself: Harry Nilsson, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Paxton, Travis Edmonson. Recorded at Mickey Hart's (Grateful Dead) Studio in Novato, CA

Loves Little Sisters - Song titles
House of the Rising Sun
Sisters of the Cross of Shame
In a Prominent Bar... one day
Mournin' Glory Story
Down The Line
Cut Down In Her Prime
Charlotte's Epitaph
Casey's Last Ride
Frontier Genealogy
Hermione's Epitaph
The Flower of Virginia City Fire Company
Piece on the Prairie
The Hooker

Here are 3 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)

House of the Rising Sun

Mournin' Glory Story

The Hooker

$20.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]


10,000 Goddam Cattle

- Katydid Books & Records - 1977

Twenty-eight traditional cowboy songs from my book of the same name, recorded at Mickey Hart's Grateful Dead recording studio in Novato, CA., with Travis and Earl Edmonson who drove there with me. David Holt, with guitar, joined us on a few songs. The sessions lasted nearly a week. Included is a booklet of complete program notes from the original double LP record.


Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle - Song titles
The Town of Old Dolores
The Western Plains
Dobe Bill
The Rustler
La Firolera
El Corrido de Bartolo Negro
The Sierry Petes
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Jose Cuervo
Roundup Lullaby
My Homestead
Waring of Sonora Town
Boomer Johnson
The Last Wagon
The South Coast
The Trusty Lariat
Little Joe the Wrangler's Sister Nell
Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle
Deep Water, Ice and Snow
Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse
My Blue Heaven
The Night I Stole Ol' Sammy
Morgan's Gin
Old Arizona
The Ballad of Alfred Packer
The Santa Fe Trail
A Cowboy's Prayer

Here are 5 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)

Dobie Bill

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue

Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle

The Town Of Old Dolres

The Trusty Lariat

$25.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]



- Katydid Books & Music - 1978

Some of the best songs I've ever sung. Lonesome, sad-happy-funny songs, so Western you can hear the chaps flap. These cowboy-western folksongs were recorded in my living room, with the help of one guitarist, David Holt, and one river rat, Lew Steiger on harmonica. Most of the songs were written by my two favorite songwriters - Tim Henderson and Tom Russell, and a couple by me.

Fenced! - Song titles
Rayburn Crane
Billy le Croix
Ridin' Down the Canyon
Maria Consuelo Arroyo
Gallo de Cielo
Wreck-the-Nation Bureau Song
The Giants Once Among Us
Bert Loper
Old San Antonio Road
Suburban Cowboy

Here are 3 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)


Old San Antonio Road

Wreck-The_Nation Bureau Song

$20.00 - Postpaid

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His Knibbs & The Badger

- Katydid Books & Music - 1992

After performing at many Cowboy Poetry Gathers, Ed and I decided there were some wonderful songs in the poetry of famous turn-of-the-century poets, Henry Herbert Knibbs and Charles Badger Clark. We composed and set music to but two that were already well-known for their melodies and sang the together.


His Knibbs and the Badger - Song titles
The Piano at Red's
The Long Road West
The Shallows of the Ford
Under the Joshua Tree
The Lost Range (poem)
Song of Mercado
A Border Affair
Bill Tandy
The Bronco
The Border (Poem)
Little Bronc
The Glory Trail

Here are 3 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)

LIttle Bronc

The Piano At Red's

Under The Joshua Tree

$20.00 - Postpaid

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Glen Canyon River Journeys

Glen Canyon River Journeys - (CD)
- Katydid Books & Music - 1998

Readings & songs from my book, All My River Are Gone (now reprinted under the title Glen Canyon Betrayed.) Recorded in Jerome by Walter Rapaport, and in Prescott by Lew Steiger.



Glen Canyon River Journeys - Song titles
1. Tucson, 1953 (prose)
2. Colorado Blue (prose)
3. Sally (prose)
4. Around the Campfire (prose)
5. Song of the Boatman (song)
6. Smell The River (prose)
7. Burl Ives (prose)
8. Two Separate Realities (prose)
9. Muddy River (Song)
10. Harmony (prose)
11. The Old Prospector (prose)
12. Dam Site (prose)
13. Ghosts of Old San Juan (song)
14. Awakening (prose)
15. Light (prose)
16. Creation (prose)
17. The Wreck-the-Nation Bureau (song)
18. A Spectacular Gift (prose)
19. Dungeon (prose)
20. The Crystal Wave (prose)
21. Last Day (prose)
22. Through This World (song)
23. A Holy Place (prose)
24. Live This Life (song)
25. Sandstone Shangri-La (prose)
26. They Crucified My River (song)
27. After The Dam (prose)
28. The Giants Among Us (song)

$20.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]


Colorado River Songs

Colorado River Songs - (CD)
- Katydid Books & Music - 1998

The old, the very old, and the new river tunes, many of them from the old Folkways Recording, plus a few more. All nineteen of them were written by river rats and songwriters. My "Wreck-the-Nation Bureau" is on this CD. I treasure Ed Abbey's quote from one of his postcards to me: "Anyone who loved the living Colorado River (pre-damnation by the swine who run America) will love these songs by pioneer Glen Canyoneer, Katie Lee).

BONUS!! Order this CD and receive a FREE copy of Glen Canyon River Journeys (an $20.00 value!)


Colorado River Songs - Song titles
Rapid's Ahead
When the Colorado Rises
Two Little Flies
The Canyoneers
River Lullaby
Kavitatin' Katie
The Drinking Song
Muddy River
Song of the Boatman
Poor Colly Raddy
The Tale of the Tickaboo
The Hippopotomi
Ghosts of the Old San Juan
Wreck-the-Nation Bureau Song
Through This World
Rusty Old Red River
Bert Loper
Shining River
The Giants One Among Us

$20.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]


Folksongs From The fifties

Folksongs From The Fifties! - (CD)
- Katydid Books & Music - 2009.

On Feb. 29, 1956, I opened The Gate of Horn coffeehouse in Chicago for Al Grossman. He had called me from my gig at the Blue Angel in New York, to share the opening bill with Luc Poret, a French nightclub star. I was there for 14 weeks and returned many times over the next few years. The songs on this CD are some of the ones I sang there. They were recorded on my "state-of-the-art" Concertone in February of 1955 for a Chicago friend, who recently sent me a digitized copy from the old 15" reel. Not bad! The lyrics for "My Chastity," which I made into a madrigal, were taken from the blackboard walls of the ladies restroom, at the old Dill Pickle Club, in Chicago--where I was being taken to lunch by Carl Sandburg.

Folksongs From The Fifties! - Song titles
Leather Wing Bat
The Gundramar
One Hour Ahead of the Posse
If I Had a Ribbon Bow
My Chastity
Baby, Did You Hear
Lass From the Low Country
The Boatman's Song
Jimmy Ringo
Caminito del Indio
You and Me and George

Here are 3 sample MP3 audio clips...
(These are @45 seconds each but could take some time to load depending on your Internet connection.)

Leather Wing Bat

My Chastity

The Boatman's Song

$20.00 - Postpaid

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Arizona Killer

Arizona Killer - (CD)
- Katydid Books & Music - 2009

I'd just returned from a gig at Telluride Mountainfilm Festival to be zapped back into my past with a force that has left me dazed. Out of the blue I get an email from a guy named Bill who is a PhD student in rhetoric and a composition teacher at Carnegie-Mellon University. He tells me he saw this movie 3:10 to Yuma and they played a verse from a song called "The Arizona Killer." When he did a web search about the song, he found ME; and when I told him I'd never heard of the movie he thought I was pulling his leg. He wanted the song - all of it.

(Read the full story in Katie's blog here)

$10.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]


OR... purchase it directly from iTunes here:
Katie Lee - Arizona Killer

Maude, Billy & Mr. D

Maude, Billy & Mr. D - A Folk Opera - (CD)
Katydid Books & Music - 1956-1981

In 1956, I read an intriguing Western short story in the Saturday Evening Post, "The Rider on the Pale Stallion", by Helen Eustis. In 1990, I transformed it into lyrics and music and gave it a different title. I consider it my best work; and performed it many times in concert to a spellbound audience. The rest of the story is told in my blog.

(Read the full story in Katie's blog here)

Maude, Billy & Mr. D - A Folk Opera - Song titles
Mr. D Comes to Town (3 parts)
Maude's Ride
Mr. D's Granny
Three Questions
Three Questions Answered
When I First Came to Town (jig)
Twice Around the World & Back
Billy-be-damn & His Forty-Four
Maude Sees the Light
Maude's Lullaby

$25.00 - Postpaid

[NOTE: Sorry... No International Orders.]



Specially printed and mounted black and white archival photographs (16" x 20") by photographer Martin D. Koehler from Katie's private collection.

Flesh Wate
"Cataract Secret"

(CLICK HERE to view larger image)




These are a limited edition from Katie's private collection.
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